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Today we are going to tell you about Wattpad Old Version. Which you should read very carefully. Wattpad is a free social-storytelling app that enables users to connect with writers around the world and read their content, as well as create and share their own original stories. With over 90 million users it is a popular platform among people who love reading and writing. And the best part is that people also earn money from Wattpad. But it depends on how your story is reaching the audience. If you feel you have enough of a Wattpad audience to read your work there is a program called Wattpad Futures where you can earn money.

Wattpad Old Version is an online social reading platform that removes the barriers between readers and writers. It encourages users to create and share their own stories in all genres, from teen fiction to poetry to action, adventure, and more. The rest depends on your mood as to what type of story you have to read or write. It proves useful for you in every way. Created in Canada in 2006, Wattpad Old Versions features stories from the public domain and developed by local users. Which can later be published to a wider audience. This means that teens and young adults can write and know that their work will be able to reach many people.

wattpad old version this is a very special and useful app. This app has made a good name for itself among the people in a very short time. More than 90 million people use this platform to read and write. And spend more than 23 billion minutes per month on different stories. 90% of these users are aged 13–40 and many of the authors are older teens or young adults. In further information, we are going to tell you about some of its special features. We will tell you what features and what benefits you can get in it.

Download Information & App About Of Wattpad Old Version

App NameWattpad
Updated on20-Mar-2024
Android Requires6.0 and Above
DevelopersAllen Lau and Ivan Yuen
Get It On Play Store
Work UnderOn Android
LicenseFree Of Cost

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Discover The Universe Of Books And Comics

Wattpad Old Version has a massive library filled with stories from every genre imaginable, whether you’re drawn to romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction, or fanfiction, Wattpad Unleashed is an inexhaustible treasure trove of literary Provides storage. Treasures waiting to be discovered. With millions of free stories available in over 50 languages, the platform serves as a gateway to a world of literary exploration. Where readers can immerse themselves in captivating stories created by talented writers from diverse backgrounds and you can also write a story of your own.

The Special Feature Of Wattpad

The Special Feature Of Wattpad
The Special Feature Of Wattpad
  • Huge Library:-Wattpad Old Version app has a huge library of stories in which you can search your favorite stories. You can add them to your library as you browse. This way, you can create a library of your own.
  • Read With Your Friends:-The Wattpad Old Version app also allows users to share their reading with their friends. They can share a library or create a reading list and share it with their friends. This way, other users will always know what you are reading. Apart from this, it also gives you many other useful features which increases your interest in the app.
  • Story Downloaders:- Wattpad Old Version app allows you to write your story as well as download stories. You can download any available book and read it offline. This helps you enjoy reading even when you do not have access to the internet.
  • All Language Support:-The best thing about the Wattpad Old Version app is that you can find content in more than 50 languages. So there is a high possibility that you may get content here in your local language also. You can set it in whatever language you want.
  • Categories:- You can find stories of different categories and genres in Wattpad Old Version app. This includes Paid Stories, Fanfiction, The Watties, Editor’s Picks, Adventure, Contemporary Lit, Diverse Lit, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Nonfiction, Paranormal, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Story, Teen Fiction. Thriller, Werewolf. You can read more exciting stories like this.

Other Feature

  • The ability to read your favorite books anywhere and anytime.
  • The ability to share your notes with others who read the same book.
  • Countless book lists and recommendations.
  • The books are neatly arranged by genre or category to help you find your next favorite book.
  • The ability to create a list of what you should read next.
  • Many social networking features such as adding friends, following other people in the community, and chatting with others.
  • Browse popular genres and find top trending titles – Build your own library – Download to read offline
  • Comment and vote for your favorites
  • You’ll receive notifications when new chapters are added – Start writing your story and share it with the world!
  • Read stories in a variety of languages
  • Read and write stories with a community of story-lovers! Read millions of free stories in over 50 languages.
Provides a wide variety of genres: romance, fiction, fantasy, mystery, among others.Most of the stories are available in English.
Updates are sent directly by the stories’ authors.On some mobile devices, the application has to be downloaded.
You don’t need an Internet connection to view.The writers may be pressured in updating their stories because of their reader’s comment to make an update. This can result to a lame story update.
Offers free access to more than 10 million books and stories.If a reader doesn’t like your story, he/she will tell it to his/her friends which will cause them not to read it.
You get to show off your work to other writer who might give you suggestions and help you along the way.Some people, especially the students, have becoming a habit in reading Wattpad stories. Thus, it may affect their academic preparation or studies
Reading stories excercises your mind and devio your reading capabilities
Male leads on wattpad are mostly perfect packages which ups the standards of both readers
Wattpad is free which means, it is accessible and does not need money to read one compared to reading other booksMost of the readers are underaged and might be exposed to mature stories

Can My Story Fit Into More Than One Genre?

Can My Story Fit Into More Than One Genre?
Can My Story Fit Into More Than One Genre?

Wattpad old version styles are the biggest boxes in the store. There will be smaller boxes or subgenres that your story can fit into as well. But what if your story is too big to fit into a small box? Crossing genres is possible and also a way to express more of your creativity. Yes, you can write fantasy romance or space adventure. Styles are guidelines and there is no mold you have to fit. The definition of genres is to help you determine what your audience will expect from you and uncover the popular themes you want to work with. It helps map your journey and point you in the right direction.

Why Should You Use Wattpad?

Actually, there are many options to run Wattpad Old Version. But there are some things in it which are very wonderful. And due to the presence of these amazing features, this app attracts you. Let us know some of its amazing features due to which most of the people want to use this app.

  • Directly connect with your readers:-Connect directly with your readers in Wattpad Old Version and hear what they’re thinking. And whether the story is reading the way you wanted it to. Readers can often provide useful suggestions. For example, I added chapters from the Shadow Queen’s perspective to Born of Shadow because readers asked for it. The story is much richer for it.
  • Learn More About Your Ideal Reader:- You can learn more about your ideal reader by viewing their profile and reading the comments of your most ardent fans. For example, I quickly discovered that the most popular fans among my readers are the Percy Jackson series, the Harry Potter books, and the Mortal Instruments books. This information can be helpful when contacting agents and planning promotion for your book.
  • Post On A Regular Basis:- Post on a regular basis, ideally 1-3 times each week. The best time to post for weekend readers is Friday or Saturday morning. This is much easier to do if you have a story already written or enough time to write another chapter between posts. If your posting is sporadic readers will never know when to come back for more.

5 Tips To Keep Stay Safe On Wattpad

  1. Advise them to keep their sensitive information like full name, address, phone number, email address etc. private in Wattpad old version.
  2. Share an account with them so you can keep track of account activity. And can remain safe in the account.
  3. Show them how they can report any inappropriate content while following the Wattpad older version guidelines. Ask them not to respond if they receive direct hateful messages
  4. Sit down with them and discuss what language and behavior is appropriate to say online. If they wouldn’t say or do something face to face, they shouldn’t say or do it online either.
  5. Make sure they are aware of community guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que-How do I download Wattpad stories to my android?

Ans-go to your Library and tap the Add to offline list where the story is listed

Que-Why is there only 2 offline stories in Wattpad?

Ans-they have reduced the number of saved offline stories

Que-How to get Wattpad originals for free?

Ans-Wattpad Originals featured in each month’s Premium Picks are available to read for free for the full month

Que-Why is no one reading my story on Wattpad?

Ans-try to work on storyline (also plot holes) and the make sure you narrate your story in a flow that feels real and nice to your readers

Que-Can Wattpad pay me?

Ans-Writers can earn money through a variety of programs such as Wattpad Old Version Originals, Wattpad Creators Program, and Brand Partnerships.

Que-Is Wattpad removing mature books?

Ans-Stories that contain prohibited content will be removed regardless of their rating

Que-Which country made Wattpad?


Que-Why is Wattpad trending?

Ans– Authors on the platform are transforming entire genres by adding new voices and perspectives that haven’t been historically represented

Que-What is the difference between YouTube and Wattpad?

Ans-YouTube primarily focuses on video content, while Wattpad Old Version is a platform for written content, such as books, stories, and poems

Que-Is it easy to use Wattpad?

Ans-Wattpad Old Version is actually far easier to use than most publishing platforms, or social media networks.

Que-Why do schools block Wattpad?

Ans-due to its user-generated content, which may include mature or explicit themes


In today’s article, we have told you in great detail about Wattpad Old Version. Wattpad Old Version In a world where stories have the power to inspire, entertain, and connect us, Wattpad stands as a symbol of creativity and community in the digital age whether you’re a passionate reader looking for your next literary adventure. Or you’re an aspiring writer eager to share your voice with the world. Wattpad provides a platform where imagination has no limits. Join the global community of 97 million readers and writers on Wattpad today. And enjoy its amazing features.

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