Douyin Apk Download Latest Version v28.9.0 For Android (Free Chinese Tik Tok App Apk)

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In today’s article, we will tell you in detail about Douyin APK. Douyin is an APK that allows its users to watch and record short videos. You can also record videos from Douyin and share your videos with any other app. Most people would know the TikTok app, so let us tell you that this APK, named Douyin APK, is also similar to TikTok and works just like TikTok. This app has most of the features that were made available in TikTok. This APK is also created by the same developer who created TikTok.

Douyin APK is an APK similar to TikTok, in this APK you get to see many features similar to TikTok. In this APK, you can watch short videos which can be about 30 seconds or 1 minute. You can also record your video with this APK and after recording, you can also upload your video on this APK like Tiktok. After recording the video with this APK, you can also share your video on any other application or platform. The only biggest difference between TikTok and this APK is that this APK is exclusively available in China and most of its users are also available in China, most of the people in China use this APK.

The Douyin app works just like the international version. On this APK you will get to watch millions of new short videos every day. On this APK you can record, edit and share all types of short video creations. With the help of this APK, you can also use filters in your videos. When you record your video, you can choose any type of filter as per your choice with the help of this APK and use that filter in your video. Also, with the help of this APK, you can add more than 100 stickers to your video.

Download Information Of Douyin APK

APK NameDouyin APK
Size222 MB
UpdateUp to date
MOD FeatureNot available

Features Of Douyin Apk

Douyin APK is an APK similar to TikTok which is considered a Chinese APK. Unlike the international version of TikTok, Douyin is limited to Chinese people only, and this APK only supports the Chinese language and shows its videos only in the Chinese language. That is why Douyin seems like a new APK whereas TikTok is well known to everyone and everyone is also familiar with TikTok. This software was established in 2016. If we talk about the interface of Douyin, then the interface of Douyin and TikTok is not very similar, there is not much difference in it. Let us know in detail about some of the best features of Douyin Apk.

Online Shopping

With the help of this platform, you can buy the best products very easily without any problem. It will suggest your products through intelligent AI analysis. With the help of this application, you can also do online shopping. You can order any product online so that the product will be delivered to you and you will get that product very easily without any problem. At the same time, the orders placed from this platform also appear to be of much better quality.

Creative clip

You can also record videos with the help of this application, for which you get to see a lot of creative clips. You can create your videos with the help of this application and use all the music and effects available in the Chinese TikTok app, absolutely free of charge. You can record your video with millions of music and audio clips in this application. Along with this, you can edit your video with many stickers, special filters, multi-function filters and many other features provided in this application. And you can make your video much more amazing and interesting.

Search Face Detection

You get to see many such features in Douyin APK which you cannot see even in TikTok. Although TikTok is a more famous and most used app than Douyin APK, still you are given those features in Douyin APK that you cannot even get in TikTok, one of the features is Search Face Detection, which For help finding related videos you can also do face recognition and find related videos with great ease without any problem.

Douyin Apk Screenshots

douyin apk download iphone
douyin apk download iPhone
douyin apk download without watermark
douyin apk download without watermark
douyin lite apk
douyin lite apk
douyin mod apk
douyin mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que- Is Douyin APK safe?

Ans- Yes, it’s safe to use Douyin.

Que- How do I set up Douyin outside China?

Ans- Visit the official Douyin website ( on your browser and download the APK file from there. Install the app using the file manager on your device.

Que- Can I use Chinese apps in India?

Ans- On June 29, 2020, India banned 59 Chinese applications, including the famous TikTok app, under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2020, citing a threat to the national security and privacy of Indian citizens.

Que- How many users does Douyin have?

Ans- Douyin currently has more than 700 million total users.


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