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In today’s article, we are going to tell you a lot of information about GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, before that let us tell you that GTA game is a famous game all over the world which is played in every corner of the world. The developers of this game always keep adding something new with updates day in and day out, which makes it even more interesting and the experience of playing it becomes even greater. Recently, the trailer of GTA 6 was launched and its performance was very popular on social media.

This game has made a special place for itself in the hearts of people and the demand for GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android has increased even more among the public.And let us tell you that Grand Theft Auto Vice City is another Rockstar game that has made its place on the Google Play Store since 2012. You may have heard about other series of GTA games with different stories, and you are interested in them. Some can also be downloaded from this website.

When Rockstar first launched GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, it was only available for Xbox, PlayStation consoles, and PC, after several months of negotiations with a game development company known as War Drum Studios, they finally released the game for Android. Concluded to bring GTA Vice City for. People are very happy to hear this news from the developer. With this more than 3 million times, GTA Vice City Apk + data has been downloaded on and off the Play Store and is still counting. Some users are still interested in the mod version of GTA Vice City with unlimited ammunition, as they need it to use favorite items and other game packs.

GTA Vice City 100 MB Download information

App NameGTA Vice City
Size100 MB
VersionLatest Version

Special Information & Story of GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android

GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android is a popular third-person game, which now works on Android systems as well. Sunny beaches with beauties in bikinis, formidable guys in Hawaiian T-shirts, expensive cars and luxurious chests, a mecca of luxury and crime – all this you can see in this game. The game takes place in the distant 80’s. The protagonist of the game, whom the player will play as, is the robber Tommy Vercetti,

Who has recently come out of the prison walls. Upon arriving in GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, Tommy managed to start an illegal big deal by stealing a large amount of money. Not having time to hide and not putting his relatives and friends in danger, Tommy must return everything to its places as quickly as possible, while paying off debts to mafia groups.

Dangerous Mission

Before you start GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, the world of the big city will open before you, where dozens of dangerous as well as interesting missions are waiting for you – showdowns with authorities, fights, robberies, murders, confiscation of property and much more. a lot. In the criminal world, they do not forgive mistakes, so your motto while completing missions will be “kill or be killed”. You will have a large arsenal of weapons such as brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, shotguns, ultras, automatics and even a grenade launcher.

Some special features of GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android

Some special features of GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android
Some special features of GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android


  • If you have played the original game, you would know that GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android it comes with super basic graphics. With this version for smartphones, the graphics quality is extremely high. Everything has been redesigned to perfection, lighting, character models, textures, buildings and many other things are advanced and will provide you with a great gameplay experience.

Cloud Support

  • When you are playing the game, you have to save the game progress to access it later this will help you to start from where you left or the nearest save point. With cloud support, saving game files to the cloud has become easier than ever. It is quite efficient as you can load saved game files from the cloud to your phone.

Free for Netflix Users

  • The best thing about this game is that it is being offered completely free to use for Netflix users. All you need to do is install this game and log in through your Netflix account, and you will be able to access the entire gameplay for free. This is quite interesting, as having a Netflix subscription will unlock every part of the game.

Multiple Languages Support

  • GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android If you are not comfortable with English language then this game is suitable for you. The game has multiple languages ​​available to change the entire interface and even the in-game dialogues. You can choose from Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and many other languages ​​and play the game with ease.

Game Play Feature

  • Beautifully updated graphics,
  • Character models and lighting effects.
  • New, precisely tailored firing and targeting options.
  • Custom controls with a fully customizable layout.
  • Massive campaign with countless hours of gameplay.
  • Compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads.
  • Integrated with Immersion tactile effects.
  • Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings

Wanted Levels and How to Avoid Them

The wanted level in GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android occurs when a member of law enforcement sees you doing something wrong. Depending on your crimes, you can attract different levels of attention. If you do something really bad (like running over or murdering a cop), your wanted level will start increasing exponentially.

If you continue this behavior, more and more stars will be added to your wanted level, bringing more law enforcement on you. The higher the number of stars, the harder it will be for you to move around and not get caught. Furthermore, if you are really wanted, the police will shoot you or run you over to stop you. Either way, all of your weapons will be taken away from you, and an arrest will be added to your stat rap sheet.

Here are the desired levels and what they mean

One Star

  • Any policeman in your nearest area in GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android will pay attention to it. If you are on foot, any policeman who is scratching it can catch you. A squad may follow you in the car, but not very aggressively. If stopped, you run the risk that a policeman on foot will pull you from your ride and run you over. Police at this stage do not have much firepower and are easy to avoid.

Two Star

  • Cops will be a little stickier if you’re in a vehicle and expect to see two of them in your rearview at all times. They will also try to pull you off the road and corner you so they can force you out of your ride. If you are on foot, they may attempt to run you over with their vehicles, or open fire at you.

Three Star

  • Cheetah on lookout: Undercover policemen equipped with reverse collars and automatic weapons will be involved in the chase. These people are much faster than the average policemen and are also much better drivers. Apart from the increasing hustle and bustle of leopards and police, small roadblocks will also pop up that are easy to navigate if you spot them in time.

Four Star

  • Now this case is really starting to get bad. Instead of blocking the roads, the police rip off tire strips to blow up your wheels. In addition to Hunter helicopters, you’ll also see SWAT vans joining the party if you’re level up to four, so definitely get the Pay N’ Spray if you can.

Five Star

  • Now FBI is in action, after getting five stars, the case has become very dangerous. They don’t add much to the entertainment, except more vehicles getting in your way. They drive your stereotypical black SUV.

Six Star

  • It is very difficult and very dangerous to reach the rarefied heights of six stars… but it is possible. In such a situation the army is called into action. Unless you are in the Rhino Tank yourself, things will not end very well. The army will bring attack helicopters, tanks, trucks and lots of soldiers.

GTA Vice City System Requirements for Android

GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for is playable on both Android and iOS platforms The system requirements for both platforms are actually quite basic. To start with Android, users must have a minimum of 1.5GB of space to download and install the Vice City game. For the iOS version, customers must have approximately 2.5GB of space to install. Interestingly, it should only take up 1.5GB of space once the installation is complete.

Where can you download the game?

  • Players must visit the Google Play Store on their Android devices and search for GTA Vice City
  • Once the page has opened, they should choose the buy option and complete the transaction with their preferred method.
  • After making the payment, players can install the game by tapping on the download button.

How to avoid the police and avoid getting caught

How to avoid the police and avoid getting caught
How to avoid the police and avoid getting caught

If your desired level is just one star, all you have to do is stay out of sight of the policeman for a bit, pursuits in motor vehicles are the weakest so just find a quiet neighborhood to drive to, or run to a secluded spot and just Wait. An easy way to lower your alert level is to change clothes. You can do this in your safehouse or go to a store like Raphael. A change of clothes will clean up to a two-star rating. Once you manage to change clothes, your rating will be cleared and you can continue your disgusting business.

When You Die or Get Busted

In the unfortunate event that you die or get busted in GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, you will be immediately taken to the hospital. This means you will lose your current mission, your weapons will be taken away and you will also lose some money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que-Is GTA Vice City free download?

Ans- Vice City is just one in Netflix’s catalog of games that it offers free of charge to its users. Download the APK and enjoy this classic on your Android

Que-Can GTA Vice City run on 2GB RAM?

Ans-Grand theft Auto: Vice city would even run smoothly on a 700 MB RAM phone.

Que-What is the price of GTA Vice City game?

Ans-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City price in India starts from ₹ 424.

Que-How many missions are there in GTA Vice City?

Ans- 86 missions.

Que-What is the final mission in GTA Vice City?

Ans-Keep Your Friends Close


In this article we have told you about GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android GTA Vice City Netflix APK will give you a better gameplay experience than the original game. It is specially designed for Android Netflix users. Therefore, you can truly enjoy the gameplay with a Netflix subscription. With new textures, new character models, and many other things, one can feel like playing on a high-end device. In this article, we have tried our best to share very detailed information about the features of this game. If you have any problem related to this, you can tell us by commenting.

If you want to know about many more things related to GTA Vice City 100 MB Download for Android, then you will have to visit our website (OldVersionApk) as much as possible so that you will get to know about each of our articles on time.We write only such useful articles on our website which are very useful for people. Before this also we have written other articles related to games on our website. If you have not read those articles yet, then read the link given below. Click on and read our previous article from which you will get a lot more information about them.

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