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In today’s article we are going to tell you about Free Fire Old Version. Free Fire is a third-person action shooter that is designed to play like an engaging battle royale title. Like many of its relatives it follows a character from right behind them and gives you a good overview of all the activity happening on the map. All the characters in the game are placed on the same island and it is their job to get out of said island alive. In the Free Fire Old Version game,

50 players can be assigned the same map at a time, but they have to fight to the death until only one is left. When maps are filled with 50 people the action can become extremely hectic and it can be difficult for individual players to see what is going on. That being said, as long as your connection is solid you shouldn’t experience much lag. As you know, Free Fire Old Version is a very famous game like BGMI. There is not much difference between the two games but the paths of both are very different Currently we are talking about Free Fire,

so let us tell you that this game has also made people crazy about it all over the world with more than 10Cr+ More people play this game and entertain themselves. Additionally, game managers can make a round last as long as they wish, but most games will probably not last more than 15 minutes. As the time limit begins to decrease, players may begin to behave more and more erratically. This will help make it attractive to those who don’t have time to explore a serious triple-A shooter game like Free Fire Old Version. It presents everything they do in a more concise and enjoyable package.

Download Information & App Details Of Free Fire Old Version

App NameFree Fire
VersionOld Version
Mature 17+
LicenseFree Of Cost
CategoryAction, Adventure
RequirementsAndroid 4.1, 4.1.1 or higher required
Op. SystemAndroid
Size400 MB
Get It OnPlay Store
Release Date8 December 2017
Game Play3D

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The Best Gameplay & User Experience

Free Fire Old Version is a survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game puts you on a remote island where you are pitted against 49 other players who are also trying to survive. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Explore the huge map, drive to hide in the forest, or become invisible by hiding under the grass or in cracks. Ambush, shoot, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty are all the things you can do in this game to win.

And let us also tell you that people are liking this game a lot. In a very short time, this game has made a good place in the hearts of people. The experience of playing the game is also very wonderful, you can play this game keeping it under your control. And the features of this game are amazing. The Free Fire Old Version game has been made very beautifully by the developers, hence its features are also quite amazing so that players can give a good twist to their matches.

There Are Some Great Features And Privacy Too

  • Controls Customized:-The controls in Free Fire Old Version are quite similar to what you can find in other games of this genre. On the left side of the screen is the controller for moving, and on the right side are the buttons for shooting, reloading, crouching, lying down, and jumping. When you find a weapon, box, vehicle, or door, you can interact with it by pressing the pop-up action button near the center of the screen. You can quickly access the inventory and any of its items from the upper right corner. In the upper left corner, you can find the map. These are the default controls. You can resize and move all the buttons as you wish from the configuration options menu, creating a layout completely tailored to you. In this you can set any button anywhere as per your choice so that you do not have any problem in playing.
  • Classic Battle Royale:-The way the rounds start in Free Fire Old Version is practically the same as in other games of the same type like PUBG or Fortnite. In each game all players start the game flying over the map in an airplane and can eject themselves whenever they want by agreeing on a time with their teammates when playing in team mode. As soon as players land they must try to find weapons and other equipment as quickly as possible. The game gradually reduces the size of the map as you will be increasingly dislocated if you find yourself facing the wrong direction. And at this place you get many guns, vehicles as well as many other things which you can use when needed.
  • Better graphics:-It is necessary to adjust the graphics depending on the device used to ensure a smooth gaming experience. If a gamer uses a low-end device then they can change the graphics to smoother. They can then try setting the FPS option to High, and if they experience lag they should keep it on Normal. The developers have also kept the graphics of the game very good. So that the player does not face any problem in playing.
  • Required Space:-Free Fire older version requires more phone space. The original Free Fire only requires 500-700MB in size. While Free Fire Max requires you to have at least 1.5GB of free storage and up to 4GB of free RAM to run smoothly, it is still understandable and normal for a game with better quality graphics.

Free fire Game All Different Stages Mod

Battle Royale

In the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire Old Version, 52 players land on an island without weapons. They must fight to be the last one standing by taking out weapons and equipment from buildings. In this mod, the one who remains last becomes the winner of this game. In the Battle Royale game mode, you can play in teams of 2 to 4. There is also a ranked game mode that you can unlock at level 8 for bound accounts and level 12 for guest accounts.

Clash Squad

Free Fire Old Version has Clash Squad 4v4 mode. All players start with $500, which they can use to purchase weapons and items from the shop. Here, your goal is only to eliminate the enemy team. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the entire match. Clash Squad has a ranked mode that you can unlock by reaching level 8 for bound accounts and level 12 for guest accounts.

Color Spray

Color Spray is an event mode of Free Fire Old Version which is played occasionally in the game. This game mode is a fun game mode that tasks your team to paint the most bricks with your team’s expected color. The winner of this game mode is the team that can color the most bricks.

Free fire Game All Different Stages Mod
Free fire Game All Different Stages Mod


You can find this game mode next to the Training tab in Free Fire Max. Inside Craft Land mode you can create your own custom map and play on it with your friends. It’s basically a custom game taken to its logical conclusion. In this mode you can play against any of your friends.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a 1v1 game mode that puts users into a knockout death match. In this game mode you will have 1v1 players until you get nine knockouts in which you will be victorious. Exciting and fast-paced battle mode, 1v1 mode, no economic restrictions, you can choose the weapon of your choice, no round bonus, no storage system, no time wasting, only fair and straightforward matches.

Cosmic Racer

Cosmic Racer is a duo racing mode that comes under the Free Fire Old Version category. A total of 15 pairs of teams will appear on the map in each match. Who will start opposing each other. It is a racing game mode with two teams. One player will drive the vehicle, while the other player will fire the weapon. You can collect buffs to improve your vehicle, restore health, or get other bonuses. 15 different teams will be seen in this game mode.

Duo Active Skills

Duo Active Skills is an event game mode that is occasionally run in Free Fire. Here you can select two active skills instead of just one active skill. Otherwise the game works like a normal Clash Squad game, where two teams of four players each aim to eliminate each other, with the first team reaching four wins and winning the match.

Bomb Squad 5v5

Bomb Squad 5v5 is an event game mode. In this game mode, two teams of five people are tasked with defusing or defending a bomb. It’s a game mode similar to games like Counter-Strike or Valorant and will feel familiar to players who have experience with these games.

All weapons available in the game

All weapons available in the game
All weapons available in the game
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Sniper
  • Launcher
  • M14
  • Melee
  • Ak
  • Assault rifles
  • Groza
  • Machine gun
  • Scar
  • Famas
  • M4a1
  • Awm
  • P90
  • Ump
  • Cg15
  • Mp40
  • Smg
  • An94
  • Aug
  • Desert Eagle
  • Bow
  • Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

Que-Can I play Free Fire Old Version old version?

Ans-may not be recommended as it could contain security vulnerabilities or bugs that have been fixed in the newer versions

Que-Is Free Fire Old Version ok for 12 year olds?

Ans-pple rating Free Fire as 12+

Que-Is Free Fire Old Version Legal?

Ans-Free Fire was banned by the Indian government in February last year

Que-Is Free Fire Old Version good for the brain?

Que-What is a diamond 💎 in Free Fire Max?

Ans- an in-game currency that is used to buy in-game items or cosmetics and to make sure your gameplay is accelerated.

Que-Is Free Fire a real game?

Ans-Free Fire is a popular battle royale mobile game developed by Garena,

Que-Can I play Free Fire Old Version alone?

Ans-No solo player can take on more than two players at a time in Free Fire Old Version, assuming you have an excellent character combination


In today’s article, we have told you in great detail about Free Fire Old Version. This game is also very much liked all over the world. Actually, when the first part of Free Fire came, it was banned from India, but now India has its own Free Fire game. In India alone, the game is played by millions. This game has made a great place among the people in a very short time.

The game has made its name all over the world by showing good performance. Apart from this, there is not much difference between the online games like PUBG, Call of duty, all the games have the same purpose. Win by defeating every player. Just the approach to making the game is a little different.Free Fire Old Version India APK is a promising contribution to the world of mobile gaming,

which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Indian gaming community. Its local content, engaging gameplay modes, and regular updates have gained significant attention and popularity. Although it offers an exciting gaming experience, users should consider its advantages and disadvantages before plunging into the action-packed world of ‘India Ka Battle Royale’.

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