FM WhatsApp Old Version v10.03 Download For Android Anti-Ban Apk Free (Official)

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In today’s article, we are going to tell you about FM WhatsApp Old Version, FM WhatsApp is an updated version of official WhatsApp which has many times more features and privacy than normal WhatsApp, in which you can keep your WhatsApp absolutely safe. You can run it through WhatsApp, and one of the specialties of this WhatsApp is that you get many themes in it, which you can customize as per your choice and apply them.

Overall, this WhatsApp is a very great WhatsApp and its demand in social media is also increasing a lot. Actually, there are some new versions of FM WhatsApp which are quite amazing but there are some people who like only FM WhatsApp Old Version and they consider it right to use it, some people believe that the specialty FM WhatsApp Old is It is there in this version and not in any other version.

Here we will give all the old versions of FM WhatsApp Old Version on our website which you can download and install very easily, if you are new to this WhatsApp, before this you have only used normal WhatsApp and you are looking for a platform full of privacy. If you are looking for WhatsApp, then you are absolutely choosing the right WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, you can keep all your privacy private and remain offline for a long time from the eyes of others.

Download Information OF FM WhatsApp Old Version

App NameFMWhatsApp
Size53.2 MB
Last UpdateMarch 2024
Size76.01 MB
DevelopersFM Mods
Requires Android4.1 Android
LicenseFree Of Cost
CommunicationSocial Media
File TypeMod Apk

Click here to FM WhatsApp Old Version

What is FMWhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp Old Version is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application, developed by third parties. It aims to enhance the user experience by introducing various customization options, privacy features, and additional functionalities not found in the official app. It is available for Android devices and can be downloaded as an APK file. As an unofficial app, it is important to consider both the advantages and potential risks of using FMWhatsApp.

Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WhatsApp

Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WhatsApp
Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp has anti-delete message feature through which you can view deleted messages anytime.FM WhatsApp is unofficial so your account may be banned at any time.
FM WhatsApp comes with a variety of emojis that you can send with your feelings.Chats and media files in FM WhatsApp are not end-to-end encrypted.
You can also change the notifications and app icon of FM WhatsApp to make it look even better.FM WhatsApp includes an inappropriate fake chat option that can be misused.
You can send high-resolution images in FM WhatsApp.It works on an anonymous server so developers may be able to read your messages.
In FM WhatsApp you can customize the fonts and colors of chats.Because FM Whatsapp is not available in the Play Store, you must download it from the internet every time you need to update it.
 FM WhatsApp is the most advanced WhatsApp Alternative with the latest features.-Many fake websites can give you the wrong version. So you should only download the FM WhatsApp from Our official website.
You can send media files up to 700MB in size.this app will get a late update for up to 24 hours. But you will get it available on our official website.
FM WhatsApp allows you more privacy and Safety features such as an Inbuilt app lock, blue tick settings, and many more.This is a modified version Of FM WhatsApp. Hence it’s not an official version of WhatsApp.

Some Special Features And Privacy In WhatsApp

  • Multiple accounts on one device:-This feature of FM WhatsApp Old Version is a recently updated feature of FM WhatsApp to use two FM accounts on the same device. Most people use different accounts for different purposes. They often use one business account for their work and another for family and friends.
  • Ghost Mode:-If you want to use WhatsApp without showing all your activities then this option is for you. People will think that you are offline, but it will be the opposite. By enabling this option, you can use WhatsApp secretly without appearing online and without showing the blue tick. Can use. You will receive every message sent by anyone. The sender will see only one tick. You can view status secretly, and your WhatsApp last seen will be frozen.
  • Tick styles:-The tick is basically a confirmation symbol to indicate whether the message has been read and delivered or not. There are multiple tick styles available in FM WhatsApp which you can apply very easily, whereas single tick style is available in regular WhatsApp.
  • Message Scheduler:-This is a wonderful alternative to FM WhatsApp Old Version that helps people maintain their commitments to others. Sometimes, you have to send a message to someone at a certain time but due to busy schedule and other problems you forget to send them the message at the right time, then through this feature you can set your message at that time when you need to. Have to send it.
  • Direct Message:-Another tricky option is available in FM WhatsApp Old Version but not available in official WhatsApp. It is a common practice that if you want to send a message to someone, it is important to first save the number in your mobile phone. But FM Whatsapp allows you to send direct message to anyone without saving the number.
  • Extra privacy:- The more privacy there is in WhatsApp, the more fun it is to use it. Sometimes you think about your different privacy issues, who should I block and who should I not. The most special thing in this WhatsApp is that you can stop all the activities in it like blue tick, second tick, hide typing, hide recording, enable anti delete message and many more.
  • Share Media File:-There are some limitations on sharing media, pictures, videos and documents on other types of WhatsApp but FM WhatsApp old version is free from file-sharing limitations. You can send files up to 1000 MB. This feature is useful for those who usually share and receive bulk files on their WhatsApp.
  • Change Universal Settings:-With these amazing features of FM WhatsApp Old Version, you can change everything on your WhatsApp. This option helps you change the settings universally, without having to change them on all the different pages. You can change specific fonts, colors, typography, design and much more to make your WhatsApp look even better.
  • Backup & Restore:-FM WhatsApp is custom backup to old version and restores inbuilt settings in the app. Now you don’t have to worry about your data security and privacy issues with these backup and restore settings, you can create a backup in your device storage and upload it after installing the new version. This is a very safe and easy setting.

Additional Feature

  • Anti-ban feature
  • Anti revoke feature
  • Malware free
  • App lock option
  • Feature of broadcast messaging
  • Disable the blue tick feature
  • Option to easily pin your favorite chats
  • You can change personal icons
  • Feature of full-resolution image sharing
  • Hide typing and recording text
  • Feature of High-quality video sharing
  • App launcher and notification icons
  • Disable forward tags on messages
  • You can share audio of 100 Mb at once
  • You can share a large amount of data up to 700 Mb

Challenge Between FM WhatsApp And Official WhatsApp

Challenge Between FM WhatsApp And Official WhatsApp
Challenge Between FM WhatsApp And Official WhatsApp
FeatureFM WhatsAppOfficial Whatsapp
Disable Incoming Calls
Dp Download
Hide Blue tick
Hidden Chats Option
Status Download
Fonts Variations
Name on homescreen
Antiview once
Freeze Last Seen
Language Translation
Send lots of media files
View Status without Showing
Calls without saving number
Ghost Mode
Change font
Change chat colour
Update notifications
Restrict callers
Flight Mode
Download profile picture
Hide profile picture Option
View once download
Make audio and video calls
Highest Media Sharing
Enhanced Privacy
Always online
Personalized Themes
DND Mode
Disable Forwarded Tag
Airplane Mode

How to download FM WhatsApp on Android?

In the above few paragraphs, we have told you about some special features and many more things of FM WhatsApp Old Version. Now we will tell you about the entire process of downloading FM WhatsApp Old Version, what you will need to download it and how you can install it in your phone. Read the following information very carefully so that you understand everything properly.

Requirements To Download FM Whatsapp

  •  You should have a stable internet connection.
  • The phone must have some free memory.
  • This app is supportable on devices above Android version 4.0

Steps for Downloading

  1. To download FM WhatsApp Old Version, first click on the download button given above.
  2. The file will start downloading in the download section of your mobile browser.
  3. Be patient while downloading the file, you may have to wait for some time.
  4. Now your file has been downloaded.

How to install Fm Whatsapp Mod Apk?

  • Open the downloaded file and tap on the Install button.
  • After the app is installed, you have to open it and proceed with the process, it will ask you to select your language and verify your phone number.

Permission Required By FM WhatsApp After Installation

  • Permission of memory of device
  • Permission of Contacts
  • Permission of Camera
  • Permission of Microphone
  • Mobile notifications
  • After doing this, now your FM WhatsApp Old Version has been downloaded and you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que-Why is FM WhatsApp Old Version apk a top-notch choice for users?

Ans-This app is a top-notch choice for its users because of a variety of diverse In-built features. It is popular among people due to the provision of extra features than other types of whatsapp. If any bugs or glitches are found in the app, the team is 24/7 available to handle the problems and most of the time, they immediately launch the app’s update.

Que-Is it a legal or illegal app?

Ans-FM WhatsApp Old Version is a third party app but it is claimed to be a legal app. You will not observe any illegal things being performed in the app.

Que-Can I use FM WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp collectively on one device?

Ans-This matter varies from device to device. Many devices allow us to use these both alongside. Some devices restrict to use the one from both. You can check by installing and using both on your mobile.

Que-Does the installation of Fm WhatsApp require root access or not? 

Ans- Root access means giving in-depth access to the operating system to some apps for making changes. For installing fm whatsapp,  root access is not necessary to be given.

Que-Can we use FM WhatsApp on IOS? 

Ans- Unfortunately, no. FM WhatsApp Old Version is accessible to Android users only. It cannot be used in IoS until now. Perhaps in the near future,  there would be some chances of eligibility for using FM WhatsApp on iOS


In today’s article, we have given you a lot of information about FM WhatsApp Old Version, in which we have told you about some of its features and its downloading process along with many other useful things. We hope that all that information would have been very useful to you and you would have also learned very well about FM WhatsApp Old Version.

FM WhatsApp Old Version is also working smoothly, if you are getting any error while installing the latest version of FM WhatsApp APK, then the best solution is to download the old version of APK files from the above list. Because some people have such phones in which it becomes very difficult to update to the new version, so we have specially told about FM WhatsApp Old Version for these people, you can download it from our website without any worry and enjoy it. .

Even before this, we have written about the same useful articles on our website, which were very useful to the people and people also downloaded that application. If you have not seen our previous articles, then we have written about our articles below. Some Linux are given, you can go directly to our website and read that article by clicking on it.

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