Yo WhatsApp Old Version 8.16 Download For Android (Anti-Ban) Official Apk Free

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WhatsApp is considered to be the fastest and most amazing application of the internet era, although there are many reasons for this, but one of its specialties is that through it you can easily talk to any person, anywhere, no matter how old he is. Although there are many versions of WhatsApp, but today we will tell you about Yo WhatsApp Old Version, and will also tell you what is the difference between an official and an updated version of WhatsApp. In today’s era, every person wants that he should always be safe while running social media application so that no one knows what he is doing at that time,

So you can see all these features only in Yo WhatsApp Old Version. Will get it. According to normal WhatsApp, it has many features which are not there in normal WhatsApp. This is the reason why people like to use WhatsApp more. Although many new updated versions of Yo WhatsApp have come recently, but the demand for Yo WhatsApp Old Version is more among the people. Most people want to run its old version only.Now further we are going to tell you about its many more features which you should read very carefully.

Whats is Yo Whatsapp, And Who Made It

Yo the old version of WhatsApp is the best medium till now. You will know what you can do after installing it on your smartphone. First of all we are going to tell you some of its features. It is known as Yo WhatsApp while its original name given by the developer is YOWA App. Yousef stopped the development of this app, and Fouad Mokdad who is the developer of FMWhatsApp is managing the development of this app.

Download Information Of Yo WhatsApp Old Version

In the above paragraph, we have told you some basic information about Yo WhatsApp Old Version, now we will tell you about its download information, so that you can know exactly how many MB is this app and its developers. Who is who and many other things along with this,

App NameYo Whatsapp
Last UpdateMarch 2024
Size82 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Requires Android5.0 Or Above
LicenseFree Of Cost
CommunicationSocial Media
File TypeMod Apk

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Some Great Features And Advanced Privacy Of Yo WhatsApp

If you have used normal WhatsApp then you would know how many features are there in normal WhatsApp, but let us tell you that Yo WhatsApp Old Version has many times more amazing features and advanced privacy than normal WhatsApp. About which we are going to tell you now.

Special Compatibility

Yo WhatsApp Old Version is designed to work in every situation, while it overcomes the limit of 150 characters to 225 characters so you can share more than 100+ documents simultaneously. While it is possible to share media up to 50MB.

Variety Of Themes

Hundreds of beautiful themes are waiting to be applied. You can choose any theme that suits your taste. Apart from this you can also create a personalized theme which has gorgeous wallpaper, header settings and internal size as per your wish.

Download Status

You don’t have to beg your friend to get any status nor do you have to use any third party app to download your contacts’ status. Get Yo WhatsApp Old Version which has additional feature to download status any time!

Self Destructive Messages

Self-destructing messages are one of the hidden gems of WhatsApp Messenger. When you send a self-destructing message to your phone it will automatically be deleted from the conversation history when the other user reads the message only once.

Some Great Features And Advanced Privacy Of Yo WhatsApp
Some Great Features And Advanced Privacy Of Yo WhatsApp

Chat Lock

Increasing the privacy factor is one of the reasons why you switched from WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp older version. With the advanced features of this WhatsApp mod, you can hide chats and put a locker in it without thinking anything and enjoy private messages without any worries!

Dark Mod

The dark theme proved to be more battery efficient and less impactful on the eyes. So, Yo WhatsApp Old Version launched the inbuilt night-mode function so you can experience the dark theme.

Font Styles

Yo WhatsApp Old Version provides you a variety of fonts now there is no need to use that boring default font. You can choose your desired beautiful custom font from the list available in the app. This feature is in-built in the app, there is no need to install any third-party application. It is very easy to change the font style in Yo WhatsApp Old Version.

No Root

Most WhatsApp mods require a rooted Android phone to run smoothly. But, Yo WhatsApp Old Version works fine even on non-rooted devices. There is no need to root your phone, as it voids your phone’s warranty and has many other side effects. If you are thinking that all modified apps require root permission then you are wrong.

Custom Privacy

You can hide your WhatsApp last seen in Yo WhatsApp Old Version, blue tick and other ticks anytime. Don’t worry, the message recipient will not be notified of anything you have done. That’s why these are known as custom privacy features. None of these features are available on the official WhatsApp app. Through this privacy you can remain much safer.

Other Special Feature

  • Customizable fonts, change font size and style
  • More emoticons, stickers
  • Support for multiple languages and don’t worry about language when communicating with people from different countries
  • Auto-reply function
  • Customize chat backgrounds for each contact
  • Anti-delete function
  • Hide your online status
  • More than 1000 chats can be locked
  • Ability to hide chats by password, pattern, and fingerprint
  • Zoom profile avatar
  • Show blue scale after reply
  • Ability to send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Ability to hide date and time when copying messages
  • Use 255 characters to describe the state instead of 139 characters
  • Hide your status
  • Auto reply
  • Revoke multiple messages
  • Send maximum pictures
  • Best image quality
  • Download status
  • Themes
  • Dnd mod
  • Filter messages
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Language
  • Mark the unread messages
  • Send video upto 30 mb
  • Broadcasting
  • Customize app font
  • Features of GB WhatsApp
  • Hide your online presence
  • Privacy
  • Share live locations
  • Unlimited stickers available
  • +Ability to view deleted messages
  • Amazing font
  • Anti Ban
  • App Lock

Customized Design Options

  • Tailor your experience with customizable icons and notifications.
  • Enjoy an array of interface customization choices.
  • Express yourself with message reactions for engaging conversations.
  • Choose from an extensive collection of emoticons and stickers, including new additions.
  • Personalize your chats with over 4K vibrant themes and diverse font selections.

Efficient Media Sharing

  • Convert videos into GIFs, supporting durations of up to 30 seconds.
  • Share memories with friends by sending up to 100 images at once.
  • Seamlessly exchange media files of up to 1G in size.
  • Convey more with video statuses having a duration limit of 5 minutes.
  • Easily transform videos into GIFs with durations of up to 30 seconds.
  • Share video and audio files up to 1G.
  • Create larger communities with a maximum group size of 600 characters.
  • Craft expressive statuses within a 255-character limit for dynamic updates.

What Is The Difference Between Official WhatsApp And Yo WhatsApp?

What Is The Difference Between Official WhatsApp And Yo WhatsApp?
What Is The Difference Between Official WhatsApp And Yo WhatsApp?

Above we have told about some special features of Yo WhatsApp Old Version. Which you should read carefully so that you know what new features you can see in it which are not there in a normal WhatsApp. Normal WhatsApp is quite fine but we will tell you about some differences between it and Yo WhatsApp Old Version. With this you will know how much difference there is between the two WhatsApp.

FeatureOfficial Whatsapp Yo WhatsApp
Auto Reply
Fully Customize
Security Lock
Anti-Delete Status/Messages
Disable/Customize Calling
Disable Forwarded Tag
Freeze Last Seen
DND Mode
Themes Supported
Status Character Length
Media Sharing
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
Status Download
Airplane Mode
Hide Online Status
Enhanced security
Always Online Showing
Multi-Language Support
Send lots of media files
View Status without Showing
Ghost Mode
Change chat colour
Change Logo Icon
Update notifications Icon
Download profile picture
Disable/Customize Calling

What’s New In 8.16

  • The most recent version of YOWA is based on the stable release.
  • The message box now includes a direct translation option.
  • When you forward a statement, the forwarded icon does not appear.
  • The counter text colour can be changed.
  • YoWhatsApp’s app has ONE user interface.
  • To mark the status as seen, click.
  • It has an emergency mode built in.
  • You can send your current location with ease.
  • Messages can now be replied to by swiping.
  • You can participate in group video chats.
  • When listening to voice notes, you can turn off notifications.
  • After you respond, you can display blue checkmarks.
  • You can conceal the identity of your chat partner using the YOWA.
  • You can see how much space each conversation uses.
  • For any contact, you can turn off calls.
  • Zip files can now be used to load themes.
  • Updated the Anti-Ban.
Having two different mobile numbers can provide you with numerous online benefits. Not just getting multiple offers, but you can also use a technique to run two different WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone anytime.You’re accessing a third-party app version of WhatsApp, which means that there is a slight probability of WhatsApp tracking this app and banning it permanently.
Limitations are what stops us from messaging professionally. WhatsApp doesn’t show that on the front wall, but there are a huge number of limitations of WhatsApp interface.Yo WhatsApp Old Version is a Modified Version of Original WhatsApp.

How to Dowonload And install Yo WhatsApp

In the above paragraph, we have told you some special things about Yo WhatsApp old version, now we will tell you how you can download it. And you can take advantage of its great features. But along with this, first let us also tell you that this is a MOD app which is not available on Play Store, you will get this application only on Google Chrome.

  • To download Yo WhatsApp Old Version, first of all you have to click on the link given above and your application will start downloading.
  • After clicking on the download button, you have to enable unknown sources on your phone (this is mandatory)
  • After enabling unknown sources, you have to open the downloaded file so that it will start installing.
  • After the application is installed, you will have to open it, in which first of all it will ask your language, you have to select your language.
  • After selecting the language, you will be asked to enter your phone number,
  • After entering the number, you will receive an OTP which you will have to verify.

After doing this, now your Yo WhatsApp Old Version is completely ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que-What is the YOWhatsApp app?

Ans-YOWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp built by developers with extra features that take chatting to the next level. 

Que-Who is the developer of YOWhatsApp?

Ans-Yousef al-Basha

Que-What is the difference between GB WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp?

Ans-Yo Whatsapp has anti-delete status feature as well. It has ability to show blue tick at the time of reply. GB Whatsapp gives you leverage to schedule message and auto reply as well


In today’s article we have given you many more information about Yo WhatsApp Old Version. Which you should read very carefully. Yo WhatsApp Old Version is the most special and most demanded version of WhatsApp, in it you get a lot of privacy and features which is quite different from normal WhatsApp and even more. This is the reason why people prefer to choose Yo WhatsApp Old Version.

Overall, the old version of Yo WhatsApp APK has brought a lot of surprises for us, it is like a sponge that always absorbs good knowledge to provide better experience to its users and make them better. Its user-friendly features and straightforward installation and update processes have strengthened its popularity.

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