Instapro Old Version Download 10.75 Free on Android (Official/Extra Feature)

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The most popular app today is Instagram. Every person all over the world is using this app for entertainment, while some people are using it to earn money. Instapro Old Version has become the most amazing platform of this era. And in true words it is believed that now no one can take the place of this app. Earlier people used to use only YouTube to earn money but now they have started using Instagram also.

The official version of Instagram is available for web users and it is also available as mobile app but due to the demand of some people we have given you InstaPro old version. If you want to enjoy the Pro version you must be a mobile user. Now in further information we are going to tell you about some amazing things of this app. How to download its old version and what features you will get to see in it.

Download Information Of Instapro Old Version

App NameInstapro♚
Versionv10.75 (Old Version)
Requirement 5.0 And Above
GenreSocial Media
File TypeMod Apk
LicenseFree of Cost
Total Downloads1 Billlion+
Last UpdateMarch 2024

What Is Insta Pro And What Is Its Use?

Insta Pro APK is an advanced version of Instagram that offers additional features and functionality. It allows users to download Stories images and reels and offers editing tools, scheduling options, and privacy settings. Instagram mods are modified versions of the official Instagram app that provide additional features or functionality that are not available in the official app. These features may include the ability to download photos and videos from Instagram without using any third-party apps. There are several other features, including the ability to view Instagram stories anonymously. This is why people now consider it better to use Instapro Old Version.

Some Amazing Feature of Insta Pro

  • Hide Typing Status in DM:-In normal Instagram allows us to see when another user is typing a message. This is a basic gesture that occurs when sending messages on almost all social platforms. Well, if you want to be more private while messaging on Instagram, you can use the Hide Typing Status in DM feature. It will stop signaling when you are typing messages to other users.
  • Ads-free:-Instagram is full of ads nowadays because it is their business model to generate revenue. But ads have gone too far and now appear everywhere in the app which seems very annoying. This definitely hurts the user experience. One of the most special things about Insta Pro is that you will not see any kind of ad in it. So that you can run this app for a long time without any problem.
  • Don’t Mark Messages as Read:-This is a privacy-focused feature of InstaPro Old Version that cancels marking of viewed messages as read. Usually when you view a message in a chat they are immediately marked as read for the sender. Enabling the Do not mark messages as read feature will prevent viewed messages from being marked as read. The sender will know that you have read the message only when you reply to them.Don’t Mark Messages as Read:-
  • Hide View Stories:- If you want to be able to see someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, then you have to download InstaPro old version. This feature is the most amazing feature of this app in which you can choose whether your views are visible or not.
  • Download Settings:- The most amazing feature in this is that you can download anyone’s story or any reel instantly. And you can access your file easily. For this you do not need to download any other app, you can download anything directly from this app.

Instapro Old Version Screenshorts

Instapro Old Version Advance Privacy
Instapro Old Version Advance Privacy
Instapro Old Version Amazing Feature
Instapro Old Version Amazing Feature
Instapro Old Version App Lock
Instapro Old Version App Lock
Instapro Old Version Extra Feature
Instapro Old Version Extra Feature

Secure Your Data

In the original version of Instagram, users have to face the challenge of not being able to secure their data and profile. Which makes them vulnerable to unauthorized access. An additional application called Honesta can be employed to lock private chats for those who prioritize security. Whether you want to protect your personal profile or maintain the privacy of your conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-Is InstaPro safe to use?

Ans- No, InstaPro is generally not considered safe for use on mobile devices. Here’s a quick summary

Que:-What is the function of Instagram pro?

Ans-Insta Pro APK is an enhanced version of Instagram that offers additional features and functionalities. 

Que-What is the benefit of Instagram pro?

Ans-Professional Accounts have access to a library of creative assets, such as videos and images, to help create stunning posts, reels, or stories to showcase your products.

Que-What are the weaknesses of Instagram?

Ans- Instagram’s biggest weakness is that its web traffic is self-contained. Currently, there is no way to link to your site or drive traffic from the platform. 

Que-How To Make Money on Instagram

  • Collaborate with brands on sponsored content
  • Open your own ecommerce store
  • Design merch for your personal brand
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • Enable Instagram Shopping features
  • Sell your photos or art online
  • Earn Live badges from fans
  • Offer paid subscriptions
  • Sell used stuff

Que-Is insta safe for chatting?

Ans-The content of your messages and calls in an end-to-end encrypted chat is protected from the moment it leaves your device to the moment it reaches the receiver’s device.


In today’s article we have given you a lot of information about Instapro Old Version. We hope that all this information has been very useful for you. If you have not used InstaPro Old Version yet, download it now from our website and enjoy its great features. You already know that it has more features and privacy than normal WhatsApp. Due to which people use this app. You also download it. We have written about other apps related to this, if you have not read that article yet then click on the link given below and read the previous article.

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