Traffic Rider Mod APK Download Latest v1.99b For Android (Fully Moded, Unlimited Money)

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The famous moto-game on Android from the studio Skgames. In this game you have to drive fast on freeways, for this get the best and most powerful bike. Repair it and go on the adventure. On the way you will have to go around other cars and vans. Move as quickly and carefully as possible to earn a lot of points. The game Traffic Rider Mod APK has endless rides and stunning graphics that add to the glory of the game.

Let us tell you that Traffic Rider is one of the best motorcycle games that you can download for Android. If you want to play with endless cash to enhance and upgrade your bike without limits then you can download Traffic Rider Mod APK. In which you will get to see more features than the normal version. This MOD provides the entire original game.

This means you will be able to get on your bike and compete in different races while going through road traffic in different environments and settings. But with the very important benefit of having unlimited money score to buy all the items you want to upgrade and customize your motorcycle? In further information we are going to give you more information about this game. As we will tell you what features you can see in this game. And how and where you can download it.

Download Information Of Traffic Rider Mod APK

App NameTraffic Rider
RequirmentAndroid 5.1 +
PriceFree Of Cost
Updated onFeb 19, 2024
Downloads500,000,000+ downloads
Offered byskgames
Released onJan 11, 2016
File TypeMod Apk, Unlimited Coins
Size160 MB

Special Information About Traffic Rider

Another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Rider Mod APK, this time you are behind the wheels of a motorcycle in a more detailed gaming experience. Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre to a new level by adding a full career mode, first-person view perspective, improved graphics, and bike sounds recorded in real life. Drive your bike on endless highway roads while overtaking the traffic. Upgrade and buy new bikes to complete missions in career mode.

Special Information About Traffic Rider
Special Information About Traffic Rider

Starting Traffic Rider

  • Art of Overtaking:- Control Traffic Rider Mod APK properly and make sure you pass the cars as close as possible, which earns you huge bonus points and cash. You can win big only when it is close. This means that the more risk you take in this game, the more points you will get.
  • Smart Spending:- You can decide to either improve the performance of your current bike with immediate effect or continue accumulating to unlock all-new improved machines. And can create a wonderful one.
  • Patience is a virtue: Players may pay cash but knowledge about the game will give you everything. Players may pay cash but knowledge about the game will give you everything.

Graphics And Sound

Traffic Rider Mod APK game shows you the 3D graphic of the rear angle of the rider motorcycle. You actually have a great third-person view to see the game scenes and the cars on the road. The dynamic environment of the game is professionally designed and this environment changes radically at every stage of the game. Most games do not pay attention to sound effects. But it seems that the sounds of all the motorcycles in the game have been recorded and inserted into the game professionally.

What make Traffic Rider so fun

What make Traffic Rider so fun
What make Traffic Rider so fun
  • First person camera angle to induce excitement
  • 20 different types of engines to choose from
  • Diverse environments with day and night cycles
  • Different modes such as professional with +40 missions
  • Leaderboard support with +30 different achievements
  • Unique design with fantastic sound
  • Supports 17 living languages of the world


  • First person camera view
  • 34 motorbikes to choose from
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
  • Detailed environments with day and night variations
  • Career mode with 90+ missions
  • Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
  • Support for 19 languages


  • The faster you ride, the more scores you get
  • When driving over 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  • Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash
  • Do wheelies to get extra score and cash

The Game Never Ends

  • High Score Hero: Endless mode is the ultimate test of threading through traffic as it gives no room for error; even the smallest mistake could be fatal.
  • Join the Community: Connect with other Traffic Rider enthusiasts online, sharing tricks, competing on leaderboards and finding out about new events and updates from within.
  • New Horizons: New content such as bikes, challenges and even game types are constantly being created by producers ensuring that there’s always something different on offer.

Frequently Asked Question

Que-Is Traffic Rider Mod APK offline?

Ans-playable online 

Que-How many levels are there in Traffic Rider Mod APK?

Ans- Traffic Rider has 40 levels set throughout the city, both on multi-lane roads and on roads in different directions. In all of them, your goal is always the same: accelerate as much as you can and avoid crashing.

Que-Is Traffic Rider Mod APK free?

Ans- Yes, Traffic Rider is a free game, but you can make in-store purchases between €2.29 and €109.99. With these, you can unlock new vehicles or add more power to your motorcycles, among many other things.

Que-How much space does the Traffic Rider APK take up?

Ans- The Traffic Rider APK takes up more than 120 MB, so you’ll need at least this much free space on your Android to install it. It doesn’t require any extra data, so you don’t have to worry about additional space.


In today’s article we have told you about Traffic Rider Mod APK which is a great bike racing game. Most of the people must have played its normal version only. But we are giving you its hacked version in which you get unlimited coins along with many other extra features. In this version you can make any number of purchases with coins but your coins will never run out. You can download it from our website.

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