Granny MOD Menu APK Download Latest v1.8.1 For Android [Mega mod, Invincible, Immortal]

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In today’s article we are going to tell you about Granny MOD Menu APK. Which is a very amazing and scary game. If you have played the normal version of this game till now, then you might have been a little bored with it. But now you do not need to be bored, we are giving you this mod version. In which you will get to see more features than the normal version.

Along with being a mod version, it also has many additional features that you might not have seen in the normal version, so if you want to experience its features in person then you will have to download it. But if you do not know much about its download information. So don’t be disappointed, we will tell you in further information how you can download and install this game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Download Information of Granny MOD Menu APK

App NameGranny MOD Menu APK
Size130 MB
RequirmentAndroid 5.1 +
UpdatedAugust 18, 2023
PriceFree Of Cost
Installs100 000 000+
File TypeMod Apk (Immortal, Invincible )
Get It OnGoogle Chrome (

You have Some days to survive

Atmospheric horror with puzzle elements for Android devices, a crazy Granny MOD Menu APK will visit you. And she doesn’t want to let you go out of the house and locks you in a room. Your goal is to get out of the house but you must do it quietly and avoid granny. She hears everything and at the slightest rustle she runs to you and knocks you out. Every day you wake up in bed limping again, and on the fourth day you are covered in blood.

A horror experience And Scary granny
A horror experience And Scary granny

In the game you can also hide in the closet or under the bed so that Grandma cannot find you. Grandma made sure that you did not run away and closed the door which is the only way out. With multiple locks you have to find the key for each of them, just be extremely careful. Drop anything, Grandma will find you. The number of castles increases on higher difficulty.

A horror experience And Scary granny

Despite the threat of malware, the gameplay of Granny MOD Menu APK focuses on stealth, puzzle solving, and survival. Which makes it an intense and scary horror game experience. The player will have to use many different abilities and quick reactions to escape from the granny and find a way to escape from the house before it’s too late. It is highly recommended for those who like horror games. This mod has puzzles to solve to escape the granny or you get access to new weapons like guns and grenades to defend yourself against the granny. In the game you have to get out of the haunted house before a bad-tempered old lady catches you and murders you.

New character weapons and features are added to the mod. And the gameplay mechanics and level design are changed from the base game. keep this in mind It is very important that mods are not official versions and are not created or supported by the original game developers. They are usually created by independent developers who modify games for fun or to add new features. While mods can enhance the gameplay experience, they can also be risky and contain viruses or other malware, so it is important to only download mods from trusted sources and play the game with great care.

The Best Feature Of Granny MOD Menu APK

The Best Feature Of Granny MOD Menu APK
The Best Feature Of Granny MOD Menu APK
  • Experience your biggest fear:- The gameplay of Granny Mod APK is challenging for those who are weak at heart. You will experience the most authentic designed horror elements and thrill in this game mode. In the dark hours of the night, scary sounds and background noises create a shiver in the atmosphere. Noise and horror make users experience the hardest time you will have to face so be alert in the gameplay.
  • Grandma’s ability to kill:- Granny APK offers users a roleplay character in the game where they are confined in a room with a granny without any story information. As soon as you wake up you will try to hide because in this granny is a ghost and she wants to kill everyone who comes near her. She is blind and cannot see. You can make good use of his disability. But grandmother’s hearing is supernatural and she can even hear a pin dropping in the house.
  • Run Away From The Room:- There is nothing complicated because you can get everything easily in this mod. You have to save yourself from grandma for 5 days and leave her chase. If you do this for 5 days and don’t get caught then you successfully protect yourself because your survival is ensured due to the rules that say granny will no longer attack you.

Frequently Asked Question

Que-How to get an unlocked granny game?

Ans-If you want an unlocked granny game, then you need to download the mod apk version of this game which you can get from our website then you will get the granny game fully unlocked.

Que-Can I play Granny MOD Menu APK without the internet?

Ans-Yes! This mod version doesn’t require internet access so you can play a granny mod apk game offline anytime anywhere without any problem.

Que-Is it safe to play Granny MOD Menu APK?

Ans-Granny features intense violence and gore, including scenes of violence and mutilation, making it unsuitable for children.


In today’s article we have told you in detail about Granny Mod Menu APK. We hope that you will like all this information very much and will prove to be very useful for you. Every person wants to get a very entertaining game which he can feel good by playing, so you do not need to think much. Download Granny MOD Menu APK now and enjoy its amazing features. We write similar useful articles on our website which prove to be very useful for people. Even before this we have written many more such articles. If you have not yet read our previous article, then click on the link given below and read the article.

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