Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Download v6.4.4 For Android  (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. Which is a very great game. In the city of the game appeared a criminal who does not disdain any act, robbery, kidnapping, theft are all in the arsenal of criminal aut0hority whose role you have to play. The basis of this project is the cult game Grand Theft Auto. Which is usually anticipated not only by the game mechanics but also by the graphic component and even the interface.

The developers have tried and implemented a huge open world and a wide selection of vehicles and items. Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK is a modified version of Vegas Crime Simulator developed by NaxiX LLC. The difference between the mod version and the original version is: 1. Unlimited Gold 2. Unlimited Gems 3. Higher Experience. You can download the latest mod version or original version of Vegas Crime Simulator 6.4.4. Visit our website as much as possible to download and install all types of file types.

Download Information Of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

App NameVegas Crime Simulator
Size137 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.1 +
UpdatedMay 23, 2024
PriceFree of Cost
Released on3 Jun 2015
Offered byNaxeex Action & RPG Games

Story Information

It is a role-playing gaming app that takes you into the center of a criminal empire in the city of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. This RPG offers a unique blend of adventure and storytelling. Through which you can travel from a novice gangster to the most dreaded crime boss of the city. Begin your adventure by understanding the complex dynamics of the Vegas criminal underworld. Vegas Crime Simulator lets you dive into challenging quests and missions.

Shape your character’s destiny and make choices that will define your journey in this universe. Embark on daring heists, engage in car chases and navigate a world where crime and power merge together in an action-packed RPG setting. The complex mechanics of Vegas Crime Simulator ensure a deeply engaging gameplay experience. Where your actions and decisions have consequences. Enjoy racing on the streets of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK to fight rival gangs and escape from the police in this simulator game.

About special feature

  • Increase Character Strength:- There are many ways to increase character strength in Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK and the first factor that players will immediately think about is the level factor. In the character’s stats section, you will see five different tabs and each tab plays a specific role in the character’s powers. The first tab is the character’s health stamina and recovery level. The tab with the knife icon determines how much damage you can cause and your attack speed.
  • God mode:- Take unlimited damage and prevent the immortal virtual body from recklessly pursuing your relentless criminal endeavor. Just one click helps the player to move forward easily with divine invincibility. Never worry about dying again or getting hit by missiles, bullets and fast-moving vehicles.
  • Character editor:- Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK will let you upgrade so you can take full advantage of the chaos tools you wanted to start the game right at the beginning. One’s will can be imposed on the player through unlimited means of destruction. Unlike the older version Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK every gun blade and throwable item for your criminal arsenal will be unlocked from the start.
  • Unlimited nitro:- Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK Unlimited Gems allows the player to dominate the street behind the wheel without any restrictions or the need to refuel. So never wait because in Nitro there will be no limit for you to win and continue the chase. The vehicle is instantly upgraded to continuously accelerate to maximum speed and blow away any police chasing you from a distance.
Monetization has been removed which improve game flow no interruption.Depend on internet connection become tycoon in famous city.
Graphic or content enhancement add shine and longevity.You should regular practice your fight skill confront many different opponent in city.
Variety of weapons to choose from, including guns, knives and more.In-app purchases may be necessary for progress within the game which could lead to additional expenses beyond what was initially expected when downloading it from Google Play Store.
Ability to customize your character’s appearance by changing their clothes, hair colour etc.It can be difficult to control your character due to poor control design.
Multiple side activities such as racing against other players in multiplayer mode.Some users have reported that the game has glitches or lags at times.

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Screenshot

vegas crime simulator mod apk (unlimited money and diamond)
vegas crime simulator mod apk (unlimited money and diamond)
Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK
Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK
vegas crime simulator mod apk version 4.8 (unlimited money)
vegas crime simulator mod apk version 4.8 (unlimited money)
Vegas crime simulator mod apk old version
Vegas crime simulator mod apk old version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-Is Gangstar Vegas offline?

Ans-The game is available to play offline,

Que-Is Las Vegas a safe city?

Ans-The Las Vegas Strip is generally considered safe during the day and night,

Que-Is Vegas Strip safe at night?

Ans- some parts of the city can be less safe especially late at night.

Que-Is Gangstar Vegas like GTA?

Ans-: San Andreas are both open-world action-adventure video games,

Que-Can you be a girl in Gangstar Vegas?

Ans-Jessie was added in the Portal update to allow female players of Gangstar to play as a female.


In today’s article we have told you about Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. This is a very great game which provides a lot of thrill to the people. Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK is a modification of an open-world simulation game that is based on the city of Vegas. It allows you to roam the structured Vegas streets and experience unlimited money diamonds and VIP level 5 for the best assistance. If you also want to download this game for free, then you can download it from our website. If you download it from our website, you will get it in mod version.

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