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In today’s article we are going to tell you about Spider Solitaire Old Verion Old Version. Spider Solitaire is a solitaire freeware game which means you can download and play it as many times as you want without paying anything. In fact Spider Solitaire by Media Freeware is one of the most downloaded solitaire games ever developed. And it is available on multiple platforms including mobile devices besides Windows, In this game you can change its appearance with different cards and backgrounds.

The game runs smoothly, so you won’t be bothered by any lag or glitches. Game play is very straightforward, it doesn’t matter if you are addicted to solitaire or just trying it out, you will easily find your way. Spider Solitaire Old Verion is a specific type of solitaire game often known as a patience game in Europe. Solitaire games are logic-based challenges with a little luck involved that you can play alone.

Spider typically uses two decks and has 54 cards in a tableau. The remaining 50 cards go into the draw pile. Suit-based stacks are developed at the bottom of the gameplay area as you draw cards and remove cards from the tableau. Along with this, it has other features which we are going to tell you further. Now you will have to read the information that we are going to tell you very carefully and understand it properly so that when you play this game, you do not have to face any kind of problem in it.

Download Information Of Spider Solitaire Old Verion Apk

App NameSpider Solitaire
Size171 MB
Requires Android6.0 and up
Released on15 Sept 2011
Offered byMobilityWare
CategoryCard Games
Op. SystemAndroid (Apk File)

About Game

Spider Solitaire Old Varian is a popular classic card game in which you have to move cards and drag them to their destination. Use your strategy and collect all the cards of each suit coming from King to Ace (King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace) to solve the puzzle. Deal with. Keep in order. The objective of the game is to uncover all hidden cards and place them in sequential order from King to Ace by moving the cards from one column to another using the minimum number of moves. Each final sequence must be of the same type.

The goal of the single-player card game is to deal your cards and build a deck according to the order and suit from aces to kings. The game is won when the entire deck of cards is placed in the foundation. We hope that you have understood all this information, now we are going to tell you about some of its amazing features which are special aspects of any game, it is very important for you to know them because these features will help you to win the game. Come in handy. game.

Special Feature

  • Attractive classic gamepla:- The gameplay will act as a form of direct communication to the player so that he can express all the specific ideas that the game wants to support. Therefore the creators of Spider Solitaire Old Verion are also very interested in investing in their players with the best quality gameplay. And you will have a lot of fun playing the game because you will not have to face any kind of problem, you can play this game sitting comfortably at one place.
  • Ability to customize diverse interface:- The feature that will provide players with the most enjoyable experience will definitely be the player interface. The player’s interface will be image parts designed by Spider Solitaire Old Verion so that they can participate in their game most intuitively. And many different designs have also been created with great care to be able to bring the most beautiful interface to its players.

Kye Feature

Customize Your Classic Spider Solitaire Game

  • Track your Spider Solitaire statistics
  • Custom pictures for card backs and backgrounds
  • Tap to move for quick gameplay
  • Right hand or left hand play
  • Landscape or portrait view
  • Customized settings to suit your taste
  • The best Winning Deals that guarantee at least one winning solution
  • Unrestricted Deal allows player to deal cards even with empty slots
  • Unlimited undo options and automatic hints
  • Classic, fun games of Patience, totally free on your phone
  • Spider Solitaire games come in 1, 2, 3 & 4 suit varieties
  • Cards come alive with stunning animations, flawless graphics and classic interface

Spider Solitaire Old Verion Apk Screenshots

Spider Solitaire old version free download
Spider Solitaire old version free download
Spider solitaire old version free
Spider solitaire old version free
Spider solitaire old version download
Spider solitaire old version download
Windows XP Spider Solitaire download
Windows XP Spider Solitaire download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-Can Spider Solitaire Old Verion be won every time?

Ans-  Not every game of Spider Solitaire can be won, but you have a better chance of winning if you plan your strategy carefully.

Que-Why is it called Spider Solitaire Old Verion?

Ans- its name comes from a spider’s eight legs, referencing the eight foundation piles that must be filled to win the game.

Que-Why is Spider Solitaire so addictive?

Ans- a fixation with solitaire is more of a behavioral addiction

Que-What is the best score in Spider Solitaire Old Verion?

Ans- A high score in Spider Solitaire is achieved by completing the game in as few steps as possible.

Que-What are runs in Spider Solitaire Old Verion?

Ans- Consecutive cards within a column which are ordered by rank so that the value of each rank is exactly 1 less than the rank before are collectively called a run. 


In today’s article we have told you about Spider Solitaire Old Version. This is a card game that is most played in this category. Although many such games have come but they have not been able to run properly. But if we talk about this game, then this game has gained a lot of users in a very short time. The game is so amazing that it keeps you seated and passes your time. And that is why people mostly choose this game and play this game with full enjoyment. If you also want to play Spider Solitaire Old Variant then you have to download this game and you can download it very easily from our website.

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