Instander Old Version Download v18.0 Free On Android (Official/Extra Feature)

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In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Instander Old Version which is an application similar to InstaPro. Although most of its features are similar to InstaPro but there is a slight difference between the two. Instagram is one of the world’s leading social networks and one of my biggest sources of online entertainment. Here you get direct posts from your favorite celebrities and influencers who provide entertaining content.

They get a chance to share moments from their lives with friends and followers as they share their experiences through their stories. Like many other social platforms it lacks some minor user-experience features. And that is why developers come up with their own satisfactory versions of these applications and Instander APK seems to be the best app alternative for Instagram. In further information, we are going to tell you some of its amazing features which will make you feel amazing and you will also want to use this app.

Download Information Of Instander Old Version

App NameInstander
Size63.2 MB
Updated onMarch 16, 2024
LiceseFree of Cost
File TypeMod Apk
GenreContent Creator
CommunicationSocial Medai

What Is Instander Old Version

Instander Old Version is a mod version of Instagram in which you get to see more features than normal WhatsApp. You can download media files like videos or images posted on Instagram without any downloader. You can even get the verification badge without having to spend your life traveling on the network along with a long and difficult process. Is. Well these are and many other issues that affect users of the native Instagram application.

The developer Thedis (Dmitry Gavrilov) has designed it to be as secure and simple an application as possible. Which guarantees users an amazing browsing experience without the risk of getting banned for using the mod. Because it comes with effective and professional anti-ban properties. You can run this app for a long time and still you will not face any problem. And in this you have been given many features using which you can make your device even more secure.

Know About Some Special Feature Of Instander Old Version

  • No Ads:- This feature is the most amazing feature of this app. You can block all ads using Instander APK. This is a completely ad-free Instagram with the ability to block any ads, including sponsored ads. Every user likes to use the application without waiting for any special advertisements.
  • Restrict Auto play:- In this you can restrict the autoplay of reels which may cost you additional data charges and prevent unwanted reels from playing. Instander provides you the option to restrict autoplay. It can enjoy the autoplay reels option or it can restrict the autoplay reels option altogether. You can change it as per your wish.
  • Ghost Mode:-Enabling Ghost Mode makes you a mysterious user. You can see their messages without them knowing because the viewed check mark is not marked as read. Apart from this, you can also disable the typing status so that other users do not know that you are typing anything. Not only this you can watch someone’s story without them knowing because you have watched their story and it does not show your name in the watched list and ultimately you can watch the live stream anonymously.
  • Privacy & Security:-You can disable ads, analytics, and crash reports. This allows those of you who care a lot about privacy to go ahead and view Instagram anonymously without giving any of your data or any of your analytics back to your Instagram. Disabling ads, analytics, and crash reports can increase your privacy by limiting the amount of data shared with the platform.

Key Feature

  • The facility of Ghost mode  in which you can hide typing and active status
  • Make your story private
  • Save reels and pictures on your mobile phone
  • The facility of gestures available
  • Customize your application
  • Get a verified Badge in a few easy steps
  • Get to know new people and trends
  • The facility of the archive to save anything in private
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  • Customize your application for auto-reply

Instander Old Version Screenshorts

Instander diable ads
Instander diable ads
Instander Old Version advance settings
Instander Old Version advance settings
Instander Old Version misc settings
Instander Old Version misc settings
Instander Old Version Gesture feature
Instander Old Version Gesture feature

Frequently Asked Question

Que-What is Instander Clone?

Ans-The clone comes with a different package name that allows you to run this app alongside the official app or our original version.Ans-

Que-What is the difference between Original and Clone?

Ans-The only difference is the package name. Other than this, there are no changes.

Que-Is it possible to revert to the old direct icon?

Ans-Go into developer settings, find options on the GIF — DISABLE them.

Que-What is an Instander verification mark?

Ans- It is similar to an official verification tick mark but only visible to Instander users. It is introduced by the developer to keep the project alive.

Que-Is Instagram Instander safe?


Que-Does Instander have ads?

Ans– completely disable ads

Que-Do hashtags work on Instagram?

Ans-You can’t own hashtag, not in Instagram, not in Twitter, not anywhere. Once you create one it becomes public property. You can claim that you are the creator of the hashtag but there isn’t really an official ‘registration’ with which you can prove it.


In today’s article, we have told you about Instander Old Version. This is a very great app in which you get many features to use simultaneously. As great and exciting as an app can be, it comes with limited functionality that prevents users from getting the best experience online and mods like Instander APK can make your IG experience a unique lifestyle. Download the app today and share amazing content using some of the most desired social media functional features available online.

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