Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version 6.84.18 Download Free on Android (Racing)

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In today’s article we are going to tell you about Extreme car driving simulator old version apk. This is a very amazing racing game which is liked very much by the people and most of the people use this game to entertain themselves. The game has excellent physics and quality of destruction and damage of cars. This is a great simulator that will teach you how to drive a sports car. Sit behind the wheel of your racing sports car and go to the big city, follow the rules and try not to have any accidents.

And if for some reason you get bored of riding according to the rules, you can compete at any time. Everyone wants to ride their dream car. A huge collection of amazing sports cars is available in Extreme Car Driving Simulator download. The developers have developed Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version especially for sports car lovers. If you want to become the best driver or professional racer then try this game.

Surely you will like this game very much and it will be very wonderful for you, by playing which you can entertain yourself very well. If the game is racing then it does not mean that it is only for small children, Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version can also be played by older people because its gameplay is very smooth so no one will get bored in it. Now in further information we are going to tell you about it, which you will have to read very carefully so that you get to see more information about it.

Download Information of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version

App NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
Size197 MB
Requires Android5.1 and up
Released on15 Jul 2014
Offered byAxesInMotion Racing
File TypeApk

App About

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version is a free open-world racing game. Which simulates driving a lot of vehicles in different environments. This vibrant racing simulator is specially designed for those who are fond of cars and want access to unique automobiles. It is used to train and test novice drivers in all the skills needed to pass a driving license road test, as well as hazard perception and crash risk mitigation. To put it plainly, this game is amazing.

Amazing Features

Impressive Gameplay

The realistic physics and great gameplay of this Extreme Car Driving Simulator Racing 3D game can’t help you stop playing it. You can choose your vehicle in the car collection. You have complete control over steering, brakes or gears. You can learn some techniques to control the speed of your car on the track. If you lose power you crash and all the damage appears on the vehicle. The speed limit is displayed on the screen. Maps can help you reach your destination.

Modified Cars

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator gameplay you are a sports car lover and love to design your car as per your choice. You can change the color of the car skin and rims to look more classy and fierce on the track. There are huge modified car collections with different sizes, speed limits, engines or capabilities. You should choose roadside assistance wisely.

Difficult Challenges And Controls

Challenges make players nervous so do not get confused and drive the Extreme Car Driving Simulator highspeed. Use techniques and work hard to complete the mission. You can select different layouts from the settings to control your car. Beginners don’t have to worry about speed control. Do some free drive practice to improve your control skills. Players can win VIP passes after completing tasks.

Customizing car

Although you can change many things in this car, but the 4 things you can change in the car are paint, skin, rims and rim color. It’s no surprise that there is no such thing as engine, speed, your vehicle can only be customized with external elements. Perhaps lack of speed limits technological upgrades. Extreme Car Driving Simulator Cheats gives you many advantages to concentrate on driving.

Pros And Cons

Realistic driving experience with detailed 3D graphics and realistic car physics.The lack of a realistic physics engine makes driving feel unrealistic.
A variety of cars including sports cars, muscle cars and luxury vehicles.Unresponsive controls make it challenging to drive the vehicle properly.
Tilt the steering wheel or button for manual acceleration/braking.No online multiplayer mode is available.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version Screenshots

Extreme Car Driving Simulator download for android
Extreme Car Driving Simulator download for android
Extreme Car Driving Simulator racing 3d game
Extreme Car Driving Simulator racing 3d game
Extreme car driving simulator old version apk
Extreme car driving simulator old version apk
Extreme car driving simulator download
Extreme car driving simulator download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que-How many downloads does Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version have?

Ans- more than 500 million times,

Que-Is driving simulator realistic?

Ans- Most of the earlier sim racing tracks could be described as “artist renderings” versions.

Que-Is Ultimate Car Driving Simulator free?

Ans-  you can enjoy these game for free

Que-Can Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version help you drive?

Ans- Driving simulators can provide a controlled, safe and effective environment for learning and practicing advanced driving skills.

Que-When can I book TP?

Ans- Final practical lesson assessment Passing the final theory test or riding theory test. Complete three simulator modules

Que-How accurate is car simulator?

Ans-Vehicle parts are accurate to where they will be on actual vehicles and in relation to other parts of the vehicles.


In today’s article we have told you in detail about Extreme Car Driving Simulator Old Version. We hope that you also liked this article and it would have been very useful for you. Extreme Car Driving Simulator Safe Drive game allows players to experience the thrill of driving a powerful car. It features realistic graphics and significant sound effects, making it one of the most popular racing games in recent years. The developer has created the graphics and sound of the game in such a way that you will never get bored of it. You can play this game as long as you want, you will not face any problem nor will you get bored of it.

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