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In today’s article we will tell you about Alfaaz Shayari app. Which is a very wonderful app in which you will get to see beautiful poetry and funny poetry. Through this app, you can memorize a lot of poetry and recite it to your friends and your partner. In this app you will find many categories and new poetry is waiting for you in every category. Alfaaz Shayari is one of the many wonderful Shayari applications which you will definitely like.

It has huge collection of latest romantic love shayari app which is completely free means you don’t have to pay any money to us. The most important feature of Alfaaz Shayari is that you do not need an internet connection to operate it, you can use this app completely offline.In further information, we are going to tell you some special features of this app and some amazing things about it. Which you will have to read very carefully.

Download Information of Alfaaz Shayari

Size7.03 MB
Updated onJan 2024
Requirement5.0 and up
Released onNov 2021
Offered byMU Brothers
Category Shayari

Why Should You Download Alfaaz Shayari App?

Why Should You Download Alfaaz Shayari App?
Why Should You Download Alfaaz Shayari App?

Alfaaz Shayari is a better application than all shayari apps. In this app you get a storehouse of poetry which you can read daily. And the app is very well designed and very easy to use. Along with this, there are many reasons due to which you should download this app.You also get many great features in this app,

In which you get an option that if you like any poetry and want to send it to someone else, then you can send it directly. In this Alfaaz Shayari you also get share, copy button. You get many categories in this app. In which there are hundreds of poems. We have written the remaining information below. Read it carefully and know what kind of poetry you get to read in it.

Know The Different Types Of Categories.

If you love listening to poetry but you are not able to find the poetry of your choice. Because every person reads poetry according to his mood, so if you have not yet found such an app in which you can read a lot of poetry, then download Alfaaz Shayari app now, in it you get many types of poetry. We have given a list below, seeing which you will understand how many types of categories you will see in it.

Know The Different Types Of Categories.
Know The Different Types Of Categories.
  • Funny Jokes
  • Sacchai Suvichar
  • Valentine Day Shayari
  • Friendship Shayari
  • Do Line ka Suvichar
  • Love Shayari
  • Dosti Shayari
  • Deshbhakti Shayari
  • Chocolate Day Shayari
  • Kiss Day Shayari
  • Aj ka Suvichar
  • Birthday Shayari
  • Mirza Ghalib Shayari
  • Romantic Shayari
  • 2 Line Shayari
  • Hug Day Shayari
  • Heart Touching Best Friend Shayari
  • Maata Pita Par Suvichar
  • Thought
  • Boys Attitude Shayari
  • Propose Day Shayari
  • Kumar Vishwash Shayari
  • Suvichar Gujrati
  • Sad Shayari
  • Anniversary Shayari
  • Bewafa Shayari
  • Love Quotes
  • Attitude Shayari
  • Instagram Attitude Shayari
  • Morning Shayari
  • Miss you Shayari In Hindi
  • Rose Day Shayari
  • Ladkiyon Ko Jalane Wali Shayari
  • Breakup Shayari
  • Motivational Quotes
  • 1 Line Suvichar
  • Teddy Day Shayari
  • Happy New Year
  • 26 January Shayari

Frequently Asked Question (FaQ)

Que-How is shayari written?

Ans-Writing poetry is definitely not an easy task, you need to express feelings and emotions with the right words. For which first of all you will have to read some very beautiful poems and shayari.

Que:- Who wrote shayari is called?

Ans- A shayar is a poet who composes sher or couplet in Urdu poetry. A shayar is someone who writes ghazals, nazms using the Urdu, Hindi & Bangla language.

Que-What is the difference between shayari and poetry?

Ans-A couplet is a poem of just two lines, each couplet is a poem in itself. The lion does not need anything to convey a message. Shayari is a literary work in which the expression of feelings and thoughts is intensified through the use of specific style and rhythm.

Que-How to start shayari writing?

  • Catch an idea.
  • Describe it in clear prose.
  • Break prose into two sentences.
  • Turn each sentence into poetry with Kaafiya and Radif.
  • Adjust the number of words to make both lines rhyme with each other.
  • Replace common and repetitive words with better words.
  • Your first ‘Share’ is ready!

Que-What is shayari culture?

Ans-Shayari is a very rich tradition of poetry and has many different types and forms. It borrows its style primarily from the Persian language.

Que-Who is the biggest shayar?

Ans-Majrooh Sultanpuri is the man who made shayari famous in the world of Bollywood lyrics and Urdu poetry.


In today’s article we have told you about Alfaaz Shayari. This is a very good application in which you get to read a lot of poetry at once. And the more poems you read, the more you will learn about it. In today’s era, poetry has great importance, most of the people write poetry and those who do not know how to write poetry read poetry. And through this app you can know poetry well. So you should not delay and download this app now.

You can download this app from our website. We have kept this app absolutely free for you. You do not need to spend any money while downloading it. You just need to click on the above button to reach our official download page and download this app. If you have not read our previous articles, we have given some links below. Click on the given link and read the article.

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